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Old tree stumps in the ground can be unsightly and lead to injuries from tripping or falling on them, even after a tree has been felled the root ball is embedded deep in the ground and may not die. Some trees have a tendency to sprout after being cut. Re sprouting is not only undesirable from the standpoint of having had the tree removed, but it may also lead to serious diseases such as Honey Fungus. Complete removal is the only answer and leaves the site free for re planting or building work.

Honey fungus is the common name of several species of fungi within the genus Armillaria. Honey fungus spreads underground, attacking and killing the roots of healthy plants and trees then decaying the dead wood it can even spread to fences and woodwork within a garden. It is the most destructive fungal disease in UK gardens.

After a tree is felled the rest of the stump and roots are usually left in the ground and removal of these remains is usually accomplished by either digging up the stump or grinding it away. As digging up is very labour intensive and highly invasive to the area, grinding is the most cost efficient way to remove a stump. We use a Tree Stump Grinder to grind away the wood to below ground level and any exposed roots this eliminates the stump and root ball preventing regrowth and the chipping’s produced from this process are used to fill the cavity.

A Tree Stump Grinder is a machine with a large rotating disc at the front with Tungsten carbide teeth. This is driven usually by a self contained diesel motor eradicating the need for access to electricity on site. The cutting blade rotates at high speed and moves in a sideways arc grinding the Tree Stump away inch by inch until eventually it is well below ground level and completely eliminated. Stump Grinders come in a variety of sizes from self propelled hydraulic units to small hand pushed units not much bigger than an average lawn mower, at Stumps Away Uk we have a large selection of grinders from the smallest to the largest.

Prices start from as little as £30 pounds, in order to get a quote for your particular requirements please use the Contact Us page and we will return your enquiry with a competitive quote. Don’t forget to tell us how many stumps need removing and the sizes of each so we can accurately determine your needs.

Basically if you can walk to the site then we can access it with one of our grinders. Our largest Tree Stump Grinder needs only 35 inches width clearance which is less than an average doorway so usually access is not a problem. If we need to remove any gates etc in order to gain access we will discuss this with you and will re-fit it before leaving the site.

No we do not use any chemicals in the removal of stumps. Stumps are ground away by one of our grinders and the only byproduct from this is wood chipping’s which are used to back fill the hole where the stump was located, this ensures that the stump is recycled back into the environment from where it came.

We carry out a wide variety of arboricultural services including complete tree removal by our qualified tree surgeons. Please contact us via the Contact Page or by telephone and we will be pleased to discuss your needs.

We will always visit the site of the proposed work to ensure a proper and competitive quote but also to ensure the practical aspects such as access, neighbour’s considerations etc .

We are fully insured against all such eventual accidents and are proud to say our record is impeccable.

We have earned a reputation for quality work achieved in a friendly and efficient manner while being very competitive – if you think you can get a similar job done more cheaply by a competitor we will always be pleased to discuss prices further.

We are based in and around Southport and will undertake work throughout Merseyside and Lancashire. We are always available through our email or telephone contacts.

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